Home loan Despite credit bureau entry

With the “house loan in spite of Credit bureau” we solve your money problems, an insufficient credit rating or a negative entry in the Credit bureau is not so important. “Home loan despite Credit bureau”: This is how it works. […]


Making a loan for a couple is an important step since it will allow you to finance your projects. However, you will have to respect a few usage rules which we will detail in this special file. So you can […]

Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries

A Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries is not available from any German bank, because German banks generally request Credit bureau information when a customer makes a loan application. If no negative entries can be found there, nothing stands in the […]

Credit despite receiving sickness benefits

Strong impact on the account If you have had an accident or serious illness and have been on sick leave for a long time, you will certainly receive sick pay. Unfortunately, the sickness benefit is only a fraction of the […]