Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries

A Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries is not available from any German bank, because German banks generally request Credit bureau information when a customer makes a loan application. If no negative entries can be found there, nothing stands in the way of a loan if the customer has a secure income. On the other hand, negative Credit bureau entries, especially if they are serious, almost always mean the immediate end for a loan application. However, if you have a regular income that is so high that it allows you to pay monthly repayments, you do not have to give up, but should contact a private or foreign lender to find out whether you can get a Credit bureau-free loan.

Payday loans – someone you already know

Payday loans - 

There are several ways to get one or more Payday loans. If you have the opportunity to contact a person from your own relatives or acquaintances to look for a loan there, you should also use this option. Here, a Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries is always available if the lender is convinced that you have the financial means and willingness to repay the money that you received. Even if there are no strict legal requirements for a Payday loans, you should keep to the agreements once made. Otherwise, with the trust that the lender has placed in you, it will be over very quickly. This trust can no longer be restored later, or only very poorly.

A Payday loans does not always have to come from someone you already know. In recent years in particular, many new opportunities have opened up that can make it easier to grant loans in the private sector. First of all, the fact that various credit brokerage portals have emerged on the Internet, which have made it their main task to bring private lenders together with the prospective creditors in order to ensure successful credit brokerage in as many cases as possible. However, no guarantee can be given for a loan. The lender and the borrower alone decide whether and under what contractual conditions a Payday loans is concluded. The portal has no influence on this, but only allows you to contact each other.

A Payday loans can be interesting for both sides and not just for the borrower. A person who provides you with a loan receives interest over a longer period of time. This interest is usually higher than the interest you can receive with various forms of investment. For this reason, they opt for lending. In any case, they will look closely at who they are lending the money to. If you can convince the private lender (s), you have a real chance of getting a loan.
An important advantage of a private loan brokerage portal is that the loan amount that you apply for can come not only from a private lender, but also from several lenders.

Foreign loans is very often in demand

Foreign loans is very often in demand

A Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries from abroad is very often in demand. This is especially true for German citizens. Many of them have negative Credit bureau entries that are considered an exclusion criterion for a German bank loan. A Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries can be granted via the Internet. You don’t have to travel abroad and go to the lending bank first. It is easily possible to handle all loan formalities over the Internet. Any inquiries can also be made by phone or email. A short-term response from you or the lender is possible at any time. Foreign lenders, from whom a Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries can be obtained, can be located in Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Luxembourg.

Credit bureau-free loan from abroad are a fixed income

Credit bureau-free loan from abroad are a fixed income

The most important requirements that you have to meet for a Credit bureau-free loan from abroad are a fixed income, a permanent residence in Germany and the age of majority. The latter is achieved by the age of 18. The foreign bank will check whether all requirements are met.
The income must reach a level that allows the payment of the loan installments without putting you at risk of neglecting your other financial obligations. This is usually achieved when the income is at least 1150 USD per month, which is also considered by most foreign banks as a minimum requirement so that you can get a loan.

A Credit bureau-free loan without intermediaries is usually available for loan accounts that are between around 3000 and 5000 USD. Slight deviations are possible under certain circumstances. However, there is hardly a foreign bank that will grant you a five-figure loan if your income is just above the garnishment-free limit and if you have no other information about your personal credit rating.

If a Credit bureau-free loan without an intermediary is approved, the total amount can be transferred in one sum or paid out by post. The repayment is made in a fixed monthly rate. They can be transferred or debited from the account. As a rule, this happens on the 1st or 15th of a month.


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